Smug SEO

Search Engine Optimization is interesting to me because making computers understand content is a step closer to the computer on Star Trek. Google is such an amazing search engine because its focus was and is to provide the most relevant search results possible. SEO is all about making this a little easier for Google to accomplish. If I want to make my information available, it only makes sense to organize it in such a way that it is as useful as possible.

I'm less interested in boosting revenue for my own site, and I'm more interested in making the information I provide clear to search engines.

Smug is still a very new app. I'd like to make some improvements to Smug to make it easier for a smug installation to be search engine friendly.

This is mostly a reference guide for myself as I find and work on problems.


  • Meta Tags
  • Duplicate pages (html, rst, tex, and pdf versions)

Problems I've Solved

(or at least found a workaround for)

  • Duplicate titles - make sure that each .rst source document has an appropriate title heading.