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Default Browser Trick for Virtualized Guests

Long story short, I use a Windows virtual machine on my workstation at work. I use qemu/kvm, and I use the user-mode networking stack for simplicity in setting up the VM. This trick should work with just about any virtualization package out there.

I wanted to be able to click a link inside the VM and have my browser on my host Linux machine open the link. I have no reason to run another browser inside the VM, and figured that it'd be nice to get this set up.

My host workstation is Arch Linux, and I use Firefox. From the command line, if I'd like to open a linux in firefox, I can run firefox <URL>, where <URL> is where I want to go. If firefox is running this opens the link in a new tab. This only works if two environmental variables are set: DISPLAY ...

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Stumpy Burger

So, I've mostly kept to computers and programming on my blog, but I've decided that I'll blog about food, at least this once.

Stumpy Burger is a small Burger place that opened up about a week ago in Provo. I noticed its sign about a month and a half ago, but looking in the window revealed that it surely wasn't open yet.

I went to drop off my car for a long repair, and I pulled my bike out of the trunk. On the way home I decided to check to see if Stumpy Burger was open yet. It was, but I had to wait a little before they opened for the day.

When I went in, I was met by a friendly staff. I ordered a Cheezie Burger, which is basically a Stumpy Burger with cheese. I got pickles and grilled onions, which are both ...

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Virtual Machines - Actual Disaster

Virtualization has many advantages. I use a Virtual server for this website. Virtualization helps in testing new environments and new software. One can run a virtualization package on a mac, and use windows without rebooting. If I am working on a project, and someone reports a bug, I can set up a virtual machine that replicates the environment that the bug happens in.

The trouble comes when someone decides to move production things to virtual servers.

Where I work is a prime example of an extremely inefficient use of computing resources due to virtualization. The virtualized machines were meant to give individuals their own server quickly and easily. This is fine. It was decided to host a few services on the virtualized machines instead of using existing machines. There is one virtual machine running mysql on one distribution of linux. There is another virtual machine running another linux flavor that ...

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