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Smug Enhancements

Something I've had on my todo list for a very long time now was to get my notes from School published automatically on my website. They are already stored in ReStructured Text, and they are already stored in git repositories, so my use of smug already had me 95% of the way there. (I have a write-up about my note taking method: here)

I spent my day off, and finally found some better approaches to the problems I had, and I now have automatic sharing of my notes on my website.

The thing that was holding me back was the fact that smug couldn't do everything I wanted it to. I also store other things, such as homework, papers, and other assignments in the same git repository. Also, the way that I would organize a website is different than I would organize my personal files.

Here is an ...

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Strange Django Error

I was porting Smug to work with Django 1.0, and I got a very, very, strange error when I'd try to go to the admin site. The template renderer was throwing TemplateSyntaxError when trying to access /admin/. I was very confused:

Template error:
In template /users/admin/jefferya/sandbox/django/django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/base.html, error at line 25
   Caught an exception while rendering: Non-reversible reg-exp portion: '(?x'
   25 :         <div id="user-tools">{% trans 'Welcome,' %} <strong>{% firstof user.first_name user.username %}</strong>. {% block userlinks %} {% url django-admindocs-docroot as docsroot %} {% if docsroot %}<a href="{{ docsroot }}">{% trans 'Documentation' %}</a> / {% endif %}<a href="{{ root_path }}password_change/">{% trans 'Change password' %}</a> / <a href="{{ root_path }}logout/">{% trans 'Log out' %}</a>{% endblock %}</div>
File "/users/admin/jefferya/sandbox/django/django/template/" in render_node
  81.             raise wrapped

Exception Type: TemplateSyntaxError at /admin/
Exception Value: Caught an exception while rendering: Non-reversible reg-exp portion: '(?x ...

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