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Smug Enhancements

Something I've had on my todo list for a very long time now was to get my notes from School published automatically on my website. They are already stored in ReStructured Text, and they are already stored in git repositories, so my use of smug already had me 95% of the way there. (I have a write-up about my note taking method: here)

I spent my day off, and finally found some better approaches to the problems I had, and I now have automatic sharing of my notes on my website.

The thing that was holding me back was the fact that smug couldn't do everything I wanted it to. I also store other things, such as homework, papers, and other assignments in the same git repository. Also, the way that I would organize a website is different than I would organize my personal files.

Here is an ...

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YouTube at BYU

I don't believe in blocking anything on the Internet. It only creates problems. Anyone with a technical know-how can easily get past any filtration system. Most would be surprised how easy some filters are to bypass. I'm not writing this blog post to condone nor endorse filtering, nor getting around a filter that is in place wherever you have access to the Internet. I am only interested in making the necessary knowledge available to those inclined to seek it out.

When getting around an Internet filter, you need to know the type of filter that is in place. Some firewalls block all traffic to a specified computer or network on the Internet. Some only block web traffic. Some block only IRC traffic. Know what you are trying to get access to, and know how it is being blocked.

The block that prompted this blog post is BYU's ...

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cs240 Chess Project on a Mac

So, I use osx on my laptop. It's unix. My cs240 class at BYU uses Linux for all its projects. I've already done all of my projects in such a way that it works fine on mac and linux. The biggest issue is at compile time. The compiler needs a different include path, or the LD_PATH needs to be set differently. This isn't an issue for the autotools project I did, but when writing Makefiles by hand, I had to set paths appropriately.

I'm starting the second large project for cs240, in which I will implement the rules of chess on top of a gtkmm/glade GUI that is provided. I want to make it work on my mac. This shouldn't be difficult, but here's what I did to make it work.

I untarred the example project provided by the TAs. I ran make ...

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Document Geek

All through High School, I struggled in English class. I never broke a C in any English class I ever took. When I got to college, I managed a B in my Freshman English class. I find myself looking up those pesky grammar rules, and even submitting tickets and patches to emerging open source projects which were written by people like me-- lots of spelling errors and some ugly grammar mistakes.

I've contributed to Django's documentation. I submitted a patch to fix "noone" ("no one" is correct.) in a couple places on the open source MMORPG called "The Mana World."

I've become almost a professional note taker, and I get irked when I have a teacher who uses all caps in an outline, or consistently spells something wrong that a spell checker is sure to have complained about.

I was driven nuts when I opened a handout ...

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