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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 6

Follow Up Visits

The follow-up visits followed the format of essentially an eye exam to test for power and astigmatism. The results were different each time I went. After that was determined, the doctor looked at my eyes with his eye microscope (the thing that you rest your chin on, and he shines a vertical line of light into your eye). My protective contacts had to be removed for this part, and replaced after. This continued as long as my eyes were still in their initial healing stages. The first time or two I went, this was by far quite miserable. Once the first layer of my eyes had grown back, the contacts weren't needed any more at all.

During the whole healing period, my eyes wavered between near sighted, far sighted, some astigmatism, no astigmatism, different astigmatism, etc. At my four month mark, all of that had subsided ...

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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 5

Optimizing My Desktop and Applications for Wacky Eyesight

This post was the initial motivation for writing about my PRK surgery on my blog. This contains what I did to make my workstation usable while my vision was a problem due to light sensitivity and healing.

X and DPI

My modifications started before my surgery. The first thing I wanted to do was to force a different DPI in my X server. I was running fluxbox with the "tar" theme, and logging in using gdm. I realized it was a touch easier changing the command for the X server if I switched to slim, so I dumped gdm. I just added -dpi 110 or so as an argument to be passed to the X server to effect the change. The higher the DPI, the "smaller" that believes the display is, and the more pixels it will take for the ...

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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 4

Immediately After the Surgery

The Saturday after the surgery was great. I even drove to the hardware store. I needed my sunglasses, but I definitely could see well enough to drive. I even put up shelves. I couldn't see well enough for sitting far away from the TV or working with small text on the computer, but I was able to drill holes, etc…

Come Monday, I was pretty miserable. That first layer had started growing back already, which makes for a very uneven optical surface on the eye. No more driving for a long time. My sunglasses essentially replaced my regular corrective glasses. I put them on when I woke up, and took them off before bed.

My light sensitivity was very bad. Going outside in the morning to get in the car was horrible. I had to keep my eyes shut very tightly, and then crack them ...

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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 3

PRK it is then

So I had decided that I really could go through with PRK laser eye surgery. That wasn't going to be a problem. I ended up doing the no interest financing even though we had enough money tucked away to pay for the surgery out right. (No reason to take money out of the high interest savings account now if I can pay over time).

I scheduled my surgery for 11 Nov 2009, which was a Thursday. I had been told that it's common for the first day after the surgery to be just fine, and then the next couple days to be quite bad. That first layer starts growing back, but doesn't disrupt vision until a little while after the surgery actually happens. The bad vision quality goes up and down as it grows back. After growing all the way back, it still ...

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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 2

Enough is Enough

In my search for Night & Day contacts, I found Standard Optical at the mall. The reason I went ahead and ordered contacts from them is because they had a trial pair that they were willing to part with even though I didn't get my exam done there. I ordered four boxes of contacts, and picked them up when they came in.

My trial pair of contacts was nothing but trouble. After wearing them for only a few hours, my eyes were so irritated that I couldn't stand it. The longest I could go was four hours. I had enough. I called standard optical to see if I could get store credit for my four unopened contact boxes. I could. They advertised Lasik. Free consultation, no interest financing, and sales were part of the pitch.

Seeing the Light

I asked about the Lasik consult, and they ...

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