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Default Browser Trick for Virtualized Guests

Long story short, I use a Windows virtual machine on my workstation at work. I use qemu/kvm, and I use the user-mode networking stack for simplicity in setting up the VM. This trick should work with just about any virtualization package out there.

I wanted to be able to click a link inside the VM and have my browser on my host Linux machine open the link. I have no reason to run another browser inside the VM, and figured that it'd be nice to get this set up.

My host workstation is Arch Linux, and I use Firefox. From the command line, if I'd like to open a linux in firefox, I can run firefox <URL>, where <URL> is where I want to go. If firefox is running this opens the link in a new tab. This only works if two environmental variables are set: DISPLAY ...

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PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 5

Optimizing My Desktop and Applications for Wacky Eyesight

This post was the initial motivation for writing about my PRK surgery on my blog. This contains what I did to make my workstation usable while my vision was a problem due to light sensitivity and healing.

X and DPI

My modifications started before my surgery. The first thing I wanted to do was to force a different DPI in my X server. I was running fluxbox with the "tar" theme, and logging in using gdm. I realized it was a touch easier changing the command for the X server if I switched to slim, so I dumped gdm. I just added -dpi 110 or so as an argument to be passed to the X server to effect the change. The higher the DPI, the "smaller" that believes the display is, and the more pixels it will take for the ...

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