PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 6

Author: Jeff Anderson

Follow Up Visits

The follow-up visits followed the format of essentially an eye exam to test for power and astigmatism. The results were different each time I went. After that was determined, the doctor looked at my eyes with his eye microscope (the thing that you rest your chin on, and he shines a vertical line of light into your eye). My protective contacts had to be removed for this part, and replaced after. This continued as long as my eyes were still in their initial healing stages. The first time or two I went, this was by far quite miserable. Once the first layer of my eyes had grown back, the contacts weren't needed any more at all.

During the whole healing period, my eyes wavered between near sighted, far sighted, some astigmatism, no astigmatism, different astigmatism, etc. At my four month mark, all of that had subsided, and I was seeing very well. The healing process still continues, but my eyes don't bother me hardly at all since about the three or three and a half month mark. I do recall the first time I was declared to have 20/20 vision with both eyes together, I was actually fairly disappointed. One eye was doing much worse than the other, so the quality of my 20/20 wasn't ideal. My vision was declared to be 20/15+ at my four month follow up visit. The + was because I was able to pick out a single letter on the 20/10 line. In my defense, there was a speck on the projector lens that was bigger than a letter on the 20/10 line.

Looking Back

In retrospect, I am very happy that I went with PRK instead of Lasik. I don't have to worry about the (admittedly rare) possible flap complications, and I now enjoy 20/15 vision. The initial few weeks after PRK I actually went from pretty good, to bad, to worse, to super light sensitive, to horrifically light sensitive, and pretty bad overall. Coming out of that rut has been fairly constant, with some fluctuations. I had good days and bad days, and sometimes even good half days and bad half days.

At one point, someone asked me how I was doing, and I felt like it was quite simply a bad vision day. I wasn't at my desk, but by a window. I was able to make out the license plate numbers clear on the opposite side of the parking lot. My co-workers said they couldn't even see those numbers. I was having a far-sighted day that day, and not a bad vision day. Far sightedness just happens to not be the best for sitting at a desk.

At one point, toward the beginning of my recovery, my eye doctor asked how I felt. I said that I felt like I needed reading glasses. He had me read a card, and then pulled out the best set of reading glasses lenses for my eyes at that time. I read the same card with those lenses, and it wasn't any better. The bad things that made it hard to read the card were still there, but only bigger.

At another follow up visit when I was seeing about 20/40 or 20/60 and had astigmatism, the eye doctor mentioned that they could correct my vision with glasses to about 20/20, but by the time that the glasses would be made, my eyes would be different already.

In my case, I was quite happy with my vision only three-or-so months after surgery. It did take longer than average for the first layer of my eyes to completely grow back. There was a small oval in the center of my eyes that was simply taking its own sweet time to heal, but once that was done the quality of my vision improved quickly. If you are a candidate and can afford custom Lasik or custom PRK, I highly recommend getting it done.

Posted: May 02, 2010 | Tags: PRK

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