PRK Laser Eye Surgery Part 4

Author: Jeff Anderson

Immediately After the Surgery

The Saturday after the surgery was great. I even drove to the hardware store. I needed my sunglasses, but I definitely could see well enough to drive. I even put up shelves. I couldn't see well enough for sitting far away from the TV or working with small text on the computer, but I was able to drill holes, etc…

Come Monday, I was pretty miserable. That first layer had started growing back already, which makes for a very uneven optical surface on the eye. No more driving for a long time. My sunglasses essentially replaced my regular corrective glasses. I put them on when I woke up, and took them off before bed.

My light sensitivity was very bad. Going outside in the morning to get in the car was horrible. I had to keep my eyes shut very tightly, and then crack them barely open when moving to or from the house, the vehicle, or work. Once at work, my workstation's monitors were actually too bright for me. I set the brightness fairly low. I could also tilt my head left or right to adjust how much light I got from the monitors. LCD monitors are polarized at an angle, and my polarized sunglasses meant I only got a portion of the polarized light. This was very useful.

That Monday night, when I was getting a ride home, it was getting dark out. I didn't have to keep my eyes closed the whole time, and I actually discovered something quite interesting. Each light source, such as tail lights, head lights, street lights, stars, etc… were distorted with a specific pattern by each eye. My left eye made the light source look like a horse shoe shape, or a capitol U. My right eye was a messy zig-zag pattern. These patterns evolved over time, and was always a little different.

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Posted: Apr 29, 2010 | Tags: PRK

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