Stumpy Burger

Author: Jeff Anderson

So, I've mostly kept to computers and programming on my blog, but I've decided that I'll blog about food, at least this once.

Stumpy Burger is a small Burger place that opened up about a week ago in Provo. I noticed its sign about a month and a half ago, but looking in the window revealed that it surely wasn't open yet.

I went to drop off my car for a long repair, and I pulled my bike out of the trunk. On the way home I decided to check to see if Stumpy Burger was open yet. It was, but I had to wait a little before they opened for the day.

When I went in, I was met by a friendly staff. I ordered a Cheezie Burger, which is basically a Stumpy Burger with cheese. I got pickles and grilled onions, which are both some of my favorite burger condiments.

I looked over at the grill before I took my seat, and the raw meat was scooped and placed straight on the grill without being pre-formed. The blobs of meat on the flat cooking surface resembled ice cream scoops.

When my food was ready, it was brought to me. I had ordered fries, and they looked wonderful. I was asked if I wanted some Stumpy Sauce, and I agreed. I was told that is was mayonnaise, horseradish sauce, and cayenne pepper. I was also told that my root beer float was coming.

The owner himself had gotten there after I placed my order, and it was him who brought by root beer out. They gave me two cups. One just had ice cream, and the other was the root beer. This was perfect because root beer floats, of course, foam up when you add root beer.

The root beer tap was only labeled "old fashioned root beer". The owner said that it came from a company in Rochester, New York, and vanilla was used in the recipe.

Because it was a root beer float, I couldn't really taste the sweetener in the root beer itself, but it was most definitely better than your average fountain root beer.

My burger was enormous. The patty itself was much larger in circumference than the bun. The patty was ½ pound of meat. The flavor of the burger was wonderful. I'm not sure what seasonings they use, but it was by far the best flavor I've ever had from a beef patty.

The fries were large cut fries of very high quality. The Stumpy Sauce was very good sauce. I'm not the biggest fan of horseradish sauce, and that seemed like the most prominent flavor, so I used regular ketchup for most of my fries, but I recommend Stumpy Sauce to anyone who likes a kick in their condiments.

The atmosphere of the place was overall good. The music was instrumental Bluegrass. I recognized at least one of the songs to be "Come Thou Found of Every Blessing". The place is decorated with stuffed raccoons and other small animals. The tables are wooden tables, and there are wooden chairs and stools to sit on. This is a welcome, yet subtle, difference from some larger burger chains. I'm sick of sitting on torn vinyl seating while I eat. There also seems to be another Stumpy Burger in Missouri. The only anomaly is the fact that there are sit down video poker and other gambling type games. This is a normal sight in places other than Utah, but it seems out of place when compared to other businesses and small restaurants in the city.

** Update: I was mistaken about the games. They are basically just mini arcade machines, and one of the games was solitaire, not video poker. Boy do I feel silly.

The food gets an A+ at Stumpy Burger. I look forward to going back so I can try their desserts.

Posted: Jun 05, 2009 | Tags: Virtualization Food Provo, Utah

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