My name is Jeff Anderson. I am an avid Linux user. I make heavy use of the vim editor, as well as the git content tracker. I post various things here as both a reference to myself, and in hopes that the information here may be useful.


I have several projects I am working on or contributing to.


I contribute some of my time to the Django project. This website has a django backend. Most of what I contribute are small patches and ticket triaging. I help shuffle through the usual thousand-or-so open tickets to try to weed out the useless ones. I will also occasionally try to write patches for some of the simpler issues.


Smug is a django app that was created by Andrew Mcnabb. It makes it possible to store and serve website content from a git repository. I am using smug for much of this website. If someone wants to make an edit to my website, they can edit the page like it was a wiki, and then I can review their submitted changes before integrating them into the site. This enables some of the same freedom that a wiki gives, but without the anarchy that it brings along with it. I have made contributions to the smug project since I started using smug.


I'm trying to become as proficient in Python as I can. I love working with the Python language.